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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Morso Wood Stoves Rock!

So finally, the wood stove is in, and what a heatin' machine it is! Yes, it is smaller and more oddly shaped than most, but it fires up quickly and is very responsive to added fuel.

The first fire!
Luckily, the hassle of getting the correct pieces of the stovepipe has faded, and now we just enjoy it. We even cooked eggs on it!

So here is a series of photos showing the hearth and heat shield construction and the final stove business.

First, the inspection.

The Durock used as a heat shield and the metal spacers to allow air flow behind it.

Mikey securing the Durock.

The theory is that air flow behind the heat shield will allow excessive heat to dissipate and not set the wall on fire.

We agreed to keep the cost WAY down by using only tiles from The ReStore, Craig's List or leftovers from our own projects.

Attaching the adaptor.

Almost there...

Hearth trim installed and everything! (Note the charred log that I tried to force in. Oops.)


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