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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mikey's Trash Documentation

The PO (Previous Owner) left us an amazing mess. Both Mike and our wonderful realtor, Trish, said that we should hold back a couple of thousand dollars at closing to make sure he cleaned the place up to our satisfaction. But I said, "Oh, no! He really needs the money! If we hold back money as leverage to get him to do the clean up, that's the same thing as saying we don't trust him to uphold his word. He'll be living right down the road from us, and he won't want to be known for breaking promises - this is too small a town! I'm SURE he'll clean it all up."

The day of closing, it was raining hard to beat the band. When he came into the title company office, he was soaked to the skin, which just reinforced my belief that he would work tirelessly through rain and wind to make the place free of crap, just as he had promised they would.

Yeah, right.

 Mikey wanted to be sure that we documented at least the big stuff, so that if we had a giant dumpster dropped off, we could legitimately send him the bill. 

Most of this is stuff we brought up from the ponds. This is the size of the pile after the scrap metal was removed.

Hey! Rotted and broken doors! We could use those for something!  NOT.

Scrap metal and warped boards. I always need these, don't you?

Roofing from the now firewooded "cabin".

Really, can you ever have too many broken pallets?

The frame of a former something.

Pieces of a former something.

Oh, look! Tires!

A nice view of the pond garbage pile.

I always like to fill the erosion spots on my property with old mattresses and sheet foam.

Let's just not think about this too much.

Former location of The Shed That Blew Away.

This is the shed that DIDN"T blow away, and some of the stuff that fell out of the shed that DID blow away.

Pallets, roofing, OSB.

Roofing? Flooring? Doesn't Belonging?

A nice addition to the woods.

Pallets, vinyl flooring, carpet scraps.

When we said that we wanted him to come and clean up the rest of the junk, he looked perplexed.

What junk?