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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oz Posts Are Not Australian, But They Are Handy, Like Australians

Mikey and his buddy Tony are quite a pair. Tony finds great stuff at auctions, and Mikey buys some it for projects. Like these wonderful Oz posts that support our new, keep-me-from-expiring-in-the-heat shade cloth cover over the back porch. You just drive these things in with a jackhammer (or the tireless joints of a much younger man), set your metal post in the bracket and move onto the next post.

The first post was driven in on the previous weekend by our own mighty Mikey. It took about 20 minutes, including rest periods. Soon after, a decision was made to rent a jackhammer for the other 3 posts. Each of them took about 35 seconds each. Nuff said.

Here is a clip of Mikey using a jackhammer to drive one of the posts:

Here are the 4 metal posts secured to the ground by the Oz post ground anchors. A ledger board is attached to the house and a continuous loop of multi-strand wire is laced through eye bolts.
A slightly closer look at the wire loop. Carabiners in the corners allow the tension to be adjusted.
Mikey resting under the shade cloth after the fence post bit him. More on that in the story of the backyard gate. He is wearing an ice pack on his head.