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Friday, July 22, 2011

Is There Anything Better Than a Homemade Towel Holder?

So tonight we're at our HomeAwayFromHome,  Home Depot, and I'm looking for a towel holder thing to put on the side of the kitchen cabinet. One that matches the color of the paper towel holder is $24, so that's not happening. Then I spy a super cheapie lucite and chrome one. They want 5 bucks for the POS, but it is the cheapest one they have. At the checkout, I change my mind, since we are going over to WallyWorld, and SURELY they have something for around $2.

Well, turns out, Wal-Mart has gone uptown. The cheapest thing they have is 8 bucks and it's too big and looks like it belongs in the bathroom, because it does. So I'm draggin' Mikey around saying, "Look for something we can hang on the wall that will keep the towel from falling in the sink."  We find nothing. Then out of the blue, Mikey has an idea.

The happy maker.
He Took a 10" piece of leftover trim from the bathroom mirror redo, screwed 3 bamboo clothespins onto it, and VoilĂ  ! God, I love homemade projects, especially when they fill a need.

Kindly note the exquisitely flush screw heads.

We are going to meet the septic guy form Byrd's out there tomorrow, and we realized there is no address sign. So we made one.
Ignore the holes, please.
 Yea! Score 2 for us!