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Friday, July 8, 2011

Assorted Photos

Since I didn't have any place to put these, but I thought folks might like to see them, I'm puttin' 'em here.  Sorry about the quality - they were taken with a phone.

Paper towels and painter's tape do an excellent job of keeping the heat out of the back door area. And so chic.

Our dear Oklahoma Dirt Dog, Hoopa.

That's the footbridge to the big pond area. Purple painted telephone poles and scrap lumber. A little scary.

The flat spot by the big pond.

We inherited some lovely items. I believe that is an old iron cookstove and a toilet that has been shot at.

More cottonwoods.

This concrete thing is part of Old Canon City Highway (?) from the late 1800's.

More cottonwoods and the rocks near the big pond.

And more cottonwoods.

The redneck dog pavilion. Only Bubba had the good sense to use its shade.

Some state folks say this tree is about 300 years old. So it was 100 years old around 1800. How can that be?

This is another very old cottonwood.

Hoopa had an unexpected swim in the 2nd pond, which is not very deep at all.

She is a good shaker, but not a good swimmer.

And yet, she seems quite happy.

That red rock formation looks a lot like some of the ones in Garden of the Gods.

Look what Mikey found! He seemed a little disturbed by the falling rock thing.

Not amber waves of grain - green waves of un-horse-munched grass.

Giving those rocks the evil eye so that they will stay put.