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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snow, Mud and Poopcicles

We had a goodly amount of snow at the homestead near the end of December. Then we had Chinook winds that melted a lot of the snow. Then we had the roof of the barn blow off  from the Chinook winds, and other parts cave in. Then we had mud. Dakota (MegaHoof to his friends) left enormous piles of poop in the month that we were absent. These provided extra nutrition and entertainment for the dogs. Uck. It was a messy visit.

Well preserved by the cold.

No, my name has not just been yelled for the 14th time so I'll stay away from the poopcicles. I always slink like this.

I DO NOT have something hidden under my paw. You are so suspicious.

I am no mud expert, but this mud seems particularly finely textured. The is the bit that froze onto the sole of my boot.

And then there is the barn. We waited for the wind to die down before collecting the sheets of tin roofing in the hope that we could keep our heads attached to our bodies a bit longer.

Here's hoping there may be some insurance money in our future! (Hey, I can dream.)

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