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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Lizard in the Septic Tank

Fluffy clouds growing in the warm air.

This weekend was punctuated by several new and interesting, but somewhat yucky things. The septic tank guy came out because I had some questions about whether one leg of the leach field was clogged. Because the woman who scheduled the appointment was on her way out the door on a Friday, she didn't ask me why exactly I wanted him there, so when he came out, he assumed it was to pump out the tank. So that's what he did. My, wasn't that educational. No photos - sorry. Mercifully, scratch-and-sniff technology has not progressed to the point that I can fully share the experience with you.

Rick, the septic guy (how'd you like to be known as that?) found a live lizard in the tank, and somehow managed to help him out. The poor thing had fallen into the sludge. I frankly don't know how he was still alive. After I ran to get a bowl of water, Rick eased him into it for a tiny bath. Then we tipped the bowl to one side, and lizard and water both slid over the edge onto the ground under a bush. There was no movement after that, but he did appear alive. We left him to his fate.

Western Fence Lizard - we have many that look like this, most of whom have NOT fallen into the septic tank, but instead sun themselves on the back porch and startle us with their quickness and blue armpits.

I can only unhappily assume that these poor fellows are dead, since they are willing to hold still for this indignity. The one on the left is the Western Fence Lizard; the one on the right is the Sagebrush Lizard. Note that the Western Fence has yellow thighs, something we felt was too personal to find out about the guy who fell in the tank since he had suffered enough already, so I suppose he could have been either variety.

I sincerely hope this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us.

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