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Monday, July 25, 2011

Carpet Tiles in the "Master" Bedroom

This house is such a POS that I cannot bring myself to leave off the quotation marks  of the word "master" as in master bedroom. It is so NOT a master bedroom. It is a tiny bit bigger than the other bedrooms, and it has a bathroom attached to it, but it is not in any way, shape or form a "master" bedroom. I think I may start calling it the slave bedroom, since we are certainly slaving away to make it habitable.

This weekend, we finished the big jobs of this room. The carpet tiles look great, even if I didn't get the intersections to line up very well. It went down so fast - I bet it only took 15 minutes to do the majority of the room. It probably took Mikey longer to cut the 2 heater register holes and trim the partials along the wall than it did me to do the whole rest of the room. I love carpet tiles! And Mike got all the baseboards attached, even if I didn't get a photo. They look great!

Because the next big project is to remove the popcorn ceiling in the living room/kitchen, we moved the beds into the slave room. Add a TV and you've practically got The Ritz!


AFTER! Kindly note the lovely baseboard trim.
Now that we've gotten out feet wet, the real fun begins.

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