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Monday, February 27, 2012

Mikey Builds a Cabinet for the Range Hood

February 24th was our 10th anniversary, so we decided to spend it in Cañon City with Dwight. The kitchen still needs a good bit of work, but a lot of it is painting that can't be done until the windows can be opened (too many fumes).

Several months ago, Mikey created a drawing of the new range hood cabinet he wanted to build to replace the ick cabinets and un-removable petrified insects of the old one. Since it was kind of involved, it kept getting pushed back on the list of Things To Do. But there wasn't a lot to do this time, and it was warm enough to use the saws outside, and not too windy, so Mikey channeled his inner Norm Abram and got to work.

Mr. I-Really-Wanted-It-To-Look-Better-Than-This was not as pleased as I was, but that's because he hasn't wasted hours of precious time looking at photos on the internet of things to do with old cabinet doors. A little blackboard paint, a little bit of molding, and it'll be great. It sure is better than a hole in the ceiling out of which fell old insulation. And it works! The fan fans and the light lights!

Of course, we had our faithful companions with us to cheer us on. Wake up so we can thank you!

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