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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Kitchen Comes Along and Mikey Fells His First Tree

Isn't that exciting?!? Before this exciting part was the not-so-exciting part in which we consulted the instructions on the laptop for felling a tree. Then Mikey made the first cut, made the "hinge" cut and then did something else I don't remember. And THEN came the exciting part where the tree falls down. Future Heat! YAY! Thank you, Tree. Sorry you died, but thank you for the heat you will bring us later. I could not believe how heavy the trunk of this small dead tree was. How heavy are big, live ones?!?

Much progress was made on the wall shelves in the kitchen this weekend.

There is always a price to be paid for these projects. This time it was knee pain from those damn hard tiles.

Much stuff happened before this part where the shelving boards go on, but it wasn't very interesting. You're just getting the high spots.

This,  plus...

this,  sort of equals...
this.  Something that resembles a real kitchen!

And just because we like you so much, you get a couple of extra photos.

The clever support system for the too-small-but-boy-are-we-glad-Catherine-blessed-us-with-it-box spring and the end of the mattress being supported.
Wow! No iron bars between the 2 twin mattresses anymore.

The previous sleeping arrangements.

And finally, the smiling Mikey and the beautiful land.

And remember the horse shed that collapsed in the last episode?  Our insurance sent an adjustor out to see the damage, and we are actually going to receive compensation for that thing. It might even help pay for the well we want to have put in. It's a miracle!

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