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Friday, October 14, 2011

Hoopa, the Everything Guard

Lowland guard.

Hoopa is such an  interesting dog. Sometimes she's just all movement and skitter-skatter. Other times, she is very Zen-like, just quietly observing. And guarding. It's one of her best things.

Mouse patrol.
Making sure there were no mice in the strawbale that helps insulate the water pipe is a job best left to the expert.

Cistern guard.
There are dangerous chipmunks in the neighborhood. I'm not making this up. They have repeatedly attempted to build a nest under the propane tank cover.

Pond guard. None finer.
I have made the completely unfounded (and untested) decision that the pond water is OK-ish to drink because Hoops didn't get the runs from her slurping.

Some rest for the weary, but you have to quit early to beat Bubba to the cushy spot.
We call her the Oklahoma Dirt Dog 'cause she's happy to just lay down in the warm dirt and sleep. Bless her spotty little head and questionable breath.

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