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Friday, August 12, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away. No, Stay! No, Go and Take the Mud With You

Our neighbor Chelsea was perplexed when I told her she'd better not try to get down the driveway after yesterday's rain. Evidently, they who are uphill from us have had all their clay eroded and washed down to us, and they are left with just lovely clean sand. That you can walk on after a rain. Without getting Frankenstein shoes. Those lucky dogs.

It's like the rain plumps up the clay and puts some of the particles into solution. Everything is kind of shiny grey-brown.

Mikey's gutter system fills the old fishpond pretty full. It will drain out by morning, so no blue armpitted lizard deaths.

Are you people Back East going, "So What? It's just rain." But it is a big deal for us out here in The Great Dry West. Out here, if it rains in August, you take pictures. To remember it by.

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