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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gutters, Short Legs and the Fishpond

It's the hind feet that have me perplexed.
If Bubba's legs were longer, would they eventually touch the floor? How much weight would he have to lose in order for the toes to touch the floor at his current height?

Mikey has been obsessed with putting gutters on the DWT. There are certain things in his world that are givens - pancakes are for breakfast only, comfortable undies are a God given right, and all house he owns shall have gutters. So that's what we did last weekend.
One long 40' run on the back side. We wanted it to drain the other direction, but the house is leaning so much that we couldn't slope it properly.

Front right side. Pretty exciting.

A gutter and Christmas lights to boot. Free lights with home purchase.

I've been obsessed with removing the "fishpond" out front. We'll never have little fishies in there, and all it has been so far is a death trap for the lizards with blue armpits. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell Mikey that I've been obsessed with removing it, and sort of sprang it on him that I wanted to remove it. Right then. If he didn't mind. Which he did, but he is such a good sport that he indulged me anyway.

The edge was covered with rocks so we didn't really know what was under there.

Oh, Look! It is a jetted tub! This is just the kind of project I can see myself doing. Really. Only I'd put plants in it.

Pike pole + testosterone + perseverance = Goodbye fishpond!  We'll just add it to the garbage pile down by the stable.

It is really good to be the wifey of a great guy. Thanks, Mikey.

Project Inspector H.

Project Inspectors H and M.

And the final project for this weekend - a way to dry clothes! Hooray!

If the place weren't so pretty, I'd just give up now. But look at the view. It keeps bringing us back.

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