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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bear vs. Compost Bin

I didn't know where else to put the cool photo of this cloud, so it's here.
Our neighbor Chelsea mentioned last week that she had seen a bear in her garbage cans. This was quite surprising to me, as we had been told that folks had only seen coyotes and lions (local slang for cougars), but NO bears. When I went up Thursday, I saw that said bear had visited our compost bin inside the fenced "orchard". This is totally unacceptable. Since he had already left the area, we could not have words with him. But we did think of a way to convey our disapproval of future visits.

Mr. Bear knocked over the bin, and then it rained like an SOB, and now the compost is VERY heavy and difficult to move. Dumb bear. Whaddya get? A few cherry pits? Some crushed egg shells? I hope you are happy, you dumb bear.
These bins are not made to be moved once they are set up and have stuff in them. Dumb bear.

How am I supposed to get this thing upright and straightened out with 60 pounds of wet compost holding it to the ground? Dumb, dumb bear.
You can see that Mikey was not happy with the bear's antics.

This should keep it from happening again.

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