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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puttin' Lipstick on the Pig

We have laundry facilities! Who knew a person could get so excited about washing and drying?

Too bad I didn't ask more questions when I responded to the Craig's List ad. I specifically wanted a stackable W&D that came apart because my only previous experience moving an attached unit was most unpleasant - they weigh a friggin' ton. But did I check? No, I did not. It was a miracle that Mikey didn't give himself a hernia lifting the heavy end out of the truck.

Technically, we only have washing because we have no dryer vent to the outside yet. The house didn't come with one, so Mike has to cut a hole in the house and put one of these in:

 But I'm gonna try and convince him to put in one of these, which is purported to be more efficient:

We also replaced the leaking and un-fixable kitchen faucet with this single handle, integrated spray thingy:

Ya just don't realize the things that make life easier and more pleasant until you don't have them anymore.

As long as we diverted the water to the sprayer and away from the main part of the faucet, it didn't leak.
This past weekend, we accomplished the following:
1. Installed the washing machine
2. Caulked the gap between  the walls and the ceiling in the "master" bedroom
3. Put up the baseboard trim in the office
4. Put up the baseboard trim in the guest room
5. Painted the "master" bedroom
Mike calls this color 'foundation', as in makeup. It actually looks pretty good, especially with the pale blue ceiling.

6. Survived the heat.
But at least it's a dry heat. Yea, yea, that's it. It's a dry heat.

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