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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Herd of Dachshunds For Us

We took all 3 dogs with us to the double wide spread (DWS) last weekend, mostly because Hoopa and Bubba were pouting because only Mollie got to go the weekend before that. We all went for an early SniffFest Saturday morning, and many piles of flash flood debris were examined. A poorly observed trek through a dense section of cactus left Bubba with some of those tiny, fine cactus spines in his doggie armpit area, and he was scratching like a fiend with his fearsome hind claws.. At first we thought it was poison ivy, but after some thought, the cactus explanation makes the most sense. Here he is with his cool wrap when we thought it was something itchy.
Our brilliant vet, Dr. Friedly, said to take a piece of duct tape and wrap it sticky side out around your hand, and gently pull it across the affected area, with the direction of the fur. That should remove those little invisible spines. Seems to have worked - no more scratching! And no herd of short legged dogs for us.

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